Kids love watching videos
Research suggests that when kids are exposed to a concept in more than one medium, they become more engaged. (1)  We built Cosmeo to bring together resources from multiple media - videos, articles, images, interactives - to keep your kids excited by learning.
Only Cosmeo Has Discovery Videos

Only Cosmeo brings together some of the most widely respected educational video resources and exclusive Discovery Channel content.

Favorites from Discovery, Animal Planet, and more, combined with the leading educational media sources, give your kids the best quality video for learning.

Mapped To Your State's Standards

Cosmeo offers quality video mapped to what your kids are learning in school.

Video is everywhere on the web, but few videos online are appropriate for kids. Even fewer reinforce the specific concepts your kids are learning in school. Cosmeo has videos kids will love, that will help them understand concepts from school, and get them excited about learning more.

An effective and engaging learning tool. - Walt Mossberg, Wall Street Journal, April 5, 2006
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