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Fun Videos

Cosmeo features your favorite shows from Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Kids and more!

Follow Jeff Corwin, the MythBusters, and other Discovery stars.

Radioactive cockroaches? See the video that will shock you! One of thousands on fascinating topics like insects, movie making, big storms, samurai warriors, and much more...

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Interactive Games

Cosmeo has hundreds of games when you're looking for a break.

Check out just a few samples here, and sign up to play more.

  • Match the animal for each habitat in Animal Universe
    Collect Animal Cards as you go. (Grades K-2)
  • Smash the fruit with Catapult Launcher
    See if you can beat your time. (Grades 6-8)
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Make It Your Own

Customize your Cosmeo experience.

Choose colors and patterns that match your personality.

Earn Points

Cosmeo gives you points for every video you watch and game you play.

Earn enough points, and you'll get cool free stuff, like Discovery screen savers.

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